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Delete MAC created files/folders automatically?

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Hello!  Running Beta11 and I've encountered another MAC issue.  unRaid wants to create a network trash folder and a temporary items folder and add .appledouble files all over the place. 


Is there a way to not have these show up/delete these like with a cron script?  I thought Beta11 would have fixed it but not so much and a search doesn't really help out.  The files/folders are just kind of a pain. 


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(Mac admins, feel free to correct my errors. My Mac stuff is older than my other stuff.)


The Macs are creating those files & folders, not unRAID. But, you can ask unRAID to not show them.


Create an smb-extra.conf file in /boot/config. Add this line:


veto files = hide files = /desktop.ini/ntuser.*/.AppleDouble/.AppleDesktop/.AppleDB//Network Trash Folder/Temporary Items/TheFindByContentFolder/TheVolumeSettingsFolder/.DS_Store/Icon\r/


(if this is too weird say so and someone can post the long how-to)


BTW, I just grabbed the list of files from a google search so it may not match what you need. Keep in mind, the veto files option prevents people from seeing the files, it doesn't delete them. Don't be too generous or broad with the list. If someone should try to create a file matching one of your patterns they'll start down a road of weird errors. i.e. Say there's a file named "ntuser.blah", hidden from view, and the user attempts to create something with that name. Since duplicate names can't be created they'll get an error stating the file can't be renamed or deleted, when to the user there's no conflicting file in view.


If you really want the files to be deleted automatically, that's another answer. It could certainly be done but the effect could be benign or terrible, depending on what programs created them, is using them, and so on.

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Welcome to the stupid-typers' club? :) If you didn't already catch my error, the smb-extra.conf line is wrong. Choose either "veto files =" or "hide files =", not the weird combo I typed. Where veto files completely hides the matched files from the client, hide files sets the invisible attribute, allowing the OS to decide about showing them according to the user's local shell preference.


As for the user shares, I assume you're seeing unRAID create shares from those auto-created folders? I've noticed discussions here about it but haven't been paying attention. Sorry.

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