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How to: Schedule reboot if UnRAID update is pending

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It's never a convenient time for me to reboot my server after I update UnRAID. Sometimes it take me days and sometimes there is a another update before I get around to rebooting. So I reverse-engineered the part of the webUI that displays the the "reboot required" message to determine if an upgrade is awaiting a reboot and wrote this small script:

content=$(head -c 20 "/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unRAIDServer/README.md")
if [[ $content =~ ^\*\*(REBOOT REQUIRED|DOWNGRADE) ]]; then
    powerdown -r

You can place it in User Scripts or use the latest "Backup/Restore Appdata" plugin and run it before or after a scheduled backup. Remember to make it executable (chmod +x).

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