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Linuxserver SWAG seems to be preventing stopping array?

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When I clicked on "Stop" [array] to do some maintenance on the server, I noticed that it was stuck on "Retry unmounting disk share(s)...". So I checked in an SSH session and saw that the script for stopping the array was getting hung up on `/mnt/cache`:


root@dipper:~# less /var/log/syslog
root@dipper:~# lsof /mnt/cache
bash    18466 root  cwd    DIR   0,42       84 7700350 /mnt/cache/appdata/swag/log/nginx
tail    19201 root  cwd    DIR   0,42       84 7700350 /mnt/cache/appdata/swag/log/nginx
tail    19201 root    3r   REG   0,42 27694298 7700846 /mnt/cache/appdata/swag/log/nginx/access.log.1


So I manually killed the processes. The two `tail` processes were killed with no arguments, but I had to send a SIGTERM to the `bash` process because it just wouldn't quit.


I've also collected and attached diagnostics immediately after the array stopped.


Is this something I should report to the Linuxserver thread (if there is one specifically for SWAG)? Or is there a problem with my configuration?


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