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Lchown ?

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I have a daily script doing a backup of various "sensible" Unraid folders using rsnapshot (from nerdtools).

Everything has always working fine until i noticed, in the last times (i guess from 6.12) that the script isn't able to do its job anymore, sending a lot of warnings:

Warning: Could not lchown() symlink (path to the file).

i see online that the fix is usually to install Lchown wich isn't avaiable in default Unraid and either nerdtools.

Any idea?


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Hi there,
After some months i'm "upping" this thread.
Yesterday i went through a major "crysis" with my Unraid installation and having a progressive backup with my rsnapshot script would have been a life saver.
But still, it requires lchown and i still didin't find a way to have the command running in my Unraid (in previous version was there).

Any possibile solution?


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