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  1. Thanks for the answer, but now i'm more confused than ever. I found this reddit post with a guy with the same motherboard i have (and a CPU without embedded GPU, so i guess it's one of the 24 pcie lanes ones) wich shows 20 IOMMU groups: Anyway, i'll try ACS in unraid a report back. Thanks. EDIT: even with ACS enabled on Unraid, no joy.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion but ACS is already active (via bios) - the effect is the very same as activating it in the VM options in Unraid. C.
  3. Hi, I'll try to explain as simple as i can. My server runs on a Gigabyte B450 Aorus M board with a Ryzen 2400G CPU (12 pcie lanes). I disabled in bios all the things i don't need (serial, the embedded GPU and so on), ACS enabled (in bios). PCIexpress slots are populated by 1 Gfx card and a SATA3 card (4 sata ports), so i still have one PCIe slot free. Problem is, whatever i insert in the free pcie slot (i tried some 'spare' cards i have, like a Firewire one and another sata3 controller) it always ends up in one of the 'common' IOMMU groups (likely, the one handled by the chi
  4. Used portainer, deleted unused images and volumes and now it looks it is the way it should. Thanks a lot C.
  5. Hi, What i see with: docker images --format "{{.ID}}\t{{.Size}}\t{{.Repository}}" | sort -k 2 -h is that many containers seems to be "duplicated"? EG: 9424a2614fcc 108MB haugene/transmission-openvpn c6cd37583653 114MB haugene/transmission-openvpn a682fba409df 120MB haugene/transmission-openvpn f5d02a66d972 121MB haugene/transmission-openvpn b4746e5938dc 2.26GB onlyoffice/documentserver c58d07454e56 2.35GB onlyoffice/documentserver 289798f72e62 2.45GB onlyoffice/documentserver And so on. Any chances to fix that wihto
  6. Here it is: /dev/loop2 30G 24G 3.4G 88% /var/lib/docker What should i do? Thanks.
  7. Hi all, i'm having a similar issue on 6.9.0-rc2. Briefly, Fix Common Problems keeps reporting i'm running out of space on the docker.img: If i run the "CONTAINER SIZE" script from the Docker page i get this: Docker.img was 20Gb, so i incremented its size to 30Gb. BUT, still, FIx Common Problems keeps reporting the same (88% of usage). I already deleted dangling images, without any results. Any idea? thanks.
  8. Sorry, i left the content folder in the config to "~". Set to /media is ok.
  9. HI, looks like the path for /media isn't mapped correctly in the container. It doesn't store files in /media but somewhere else (the container image files get filled quite quickly).
  10. Well, that was weird. With the 3 spaces it does work. Thanks! One question: would it be possible to use the container as a gateway? Currently i'm using an ubuntu server vm configured as in the video below (with mods). That's because using an openvpn as a proxy the service i try to connect to detects the VPN (i guess there are leaks). With a gateway everything works as intended. Thanks.
  11. OpenVPN AIO Client not working here, looks like it can't find the openvpn.ovpn file (wich is where it's supposed to be). Lots of errors in log file: [info] Set up nftables rules [info] Flusing ruleset RTNETLINK answers: File exists [info] Added route via dev eth0 [info] Editing ruleset [info] Apply rules /nftables.rules:11:36-39: Error: Could not resolve service: Servname not found in nft services list add rule ip filter INPUT tcp sport om80 counter accept ^^^^ /nftables.rules:24:37-40: Error: Could not resolve service: Servname not found in nft services list [inf
  12. So, i left the ports redirected and the container working and indeed, the certificates renewed. Thanks. I have a script that starts letsencrypt (ad the containers using it) at 10:00 in the morning and turn them off at 14:00, basically for when i need them. Also, i usually keep ports 80 and 443 un-redirected, i don't really want to keep them open to the internet without the need for them. Is it there any way to configure the hour the cronjob runs (any variable for the docker? i checked on the github but didn't find anything). Thanks again.