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  1. As per subject. after putting the checkmark and clicking in the button, trash on my shares stays there (i have to select the "empty trash" afer every share and click on every single one).
  2. If RC4 doesn't do it for you, go with RC2 (plugin should work no probs with it).
  3. He wants to try to install them without the card because he can't with the card (card no recognized). His idea is to install it without the card and THEN install the card (and, as said, it won't work).
  4. On my system it works flawlessy with RC2 but not with RC3. Also, you can't install adrenaline without the Radeon GPU passed to the VM (adrenaline installer will complain that there's no radeon card in the system). C.
  5. Hi there, the latest disgnostics i posted in the support thread are exactly that (generated after it happened). Check attachment here: C.
  6. Hi there, Since RC3 the Radeon reset bug is there again. I signaled the thing in the relative plugin forum support post but it may as well be due to the kernel patch. Check here for details: C.
  7. So, i followed your instructions: enabled iGPU in bios and set it as primary video out. Before (when i did the report) i had Unraid freezing up as i tried to run a VM using the Radeon (AFTER another one was closed - basically, at every second VM using the radeon was started). With your solution (so far) this isn't anymore, but at the second (or third) instead i get this: So, again, it's basically unusable. Attacched, diagnostics for this setup. I'm going back to RC2 and with previous bios settings (iGPU disabled), since it was working absolutely fine, until anything comes up regarding this issue. Thanks. C. incubus-diagnostics-20220313-1844.zip
  8. Yes, i know, but when/if i need to go to bios again i'll have to switch. Beside that, the idea is that with iGPU active it will work? Or is it for debugging? thanks.
  9. Not possible on my system (i only have one tv connected to the server, i can't keep switching hdmi cable everytime i have to run a VM. Unless it's for debugging purposes). Beside, it has always worked in RC2 (and still is, i went back to it) with the iGPU disabled (?). If needed for debugging i'll do it; i'll need to install RC3 again tho. Thanks.
  10. Thanks, let me know if you find anything. Meanwhile i'm going back to RC2, can't use my VMs as it is. C.
  11. Hi there, AMD Ryzen 5 2400G with Radeon Vega Graphics @ 3600 MHz (iGPU disabled in bios) GPU: Radeon RX560 Since RC3 the GPU isn't resetting correctly in VMs (it did with with the AMD Vendor Reset plugin in RC2 without any problem). Below, my diagnostics. I'll be grateful for any help. C. incubus-diagnostics-20220312-2120.zip
  12. So, today my WebUI tells me to sign in: I do so: And then it asks me again to sign in. And keeps going on like that. My Servers seems to work tho: EDIT: an unraid-api restart seems to have solved it.
  13. Never mind. I had enough and changed the key to ECDSA and now everything is working. (well, not really: the user/root filed to paste the key refuses any format for the key. I had to directly edit the authorized_keys file. C.