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Everything kind of broke after upgrading to 6.12.x

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Your nvme has disconnected. Disable Docker and VM Manager in Settings until you get that fixed.


Why do you have 100G docker.img? 20G is often more than enough. Have you had problems filling it?



docker.folder.plg - 2021.08.20  (Up to date)  (Incompatible)


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Thank you! Your tip was super helpful. I booted into the BIOS and I saw the NVME still there. So I went into the system profiler in unraid, it says it was bound to a VFIO but there was no check marks. Then I realized I had tried a GPU to my VM and removed the GPU without unbinding it. I figured it was specific to the GPU itself. So I put the GPU back and it all works now. Ill work on unbinding again in the future. Thank you for your help. 


RE: docker img being 100gb, when i first started i accdently downloaded content to the folder, so i increased it to move content off of it and never made it 20gb again. is it imporatnt to do that? thank you 


i know im anxiously waiting for that plugin to come back, i have so many containers! 

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I suddenly got VFIO binding Error notifications after upgrading to 6.12.1... combined with a sudden Cache drive crash I rolled back to 6.11.5 for now and am watching for updates.  But clearly 6.12 is far more picky, than before, about VFIO bindings that weren't cleared when hardware was removed (which is def. what happened to me)...

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