recreating partial old array and recovering dead drive from parity...

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UNRAID 6.9.2


long story short, had 2 drives in a 6+1 array die (one of which was parity).

Since I needed to get the box working RIGHT NOW, I yanked all 7 disks, build a new system, copied everything I could from the working drives, and set these disks to the side.

Now, I'm trying to see if I can't recover something extra.


Parity "failed", but with some effort on my part (HDD REGEN tool) I got it back and working, for now.

that leaves 6 data disks. 5 of them work.

I want to try and recreate the array, and somehow get it to rebuild the data from the 6th drive.

What steps do i need to take to convince a trial version of UNRAID that this array is a valid, but 1 disk is listed as "missing", so I can force the rebuild to a replacement when I add it in?

I know which drives are which (thank god for good note taking!)

I stupidly did NOT save a copy of the CONFIG before blowing the original box up, so that's on me.


I'm sure there's details i'm missing that needed providing, so just let me know and I'll do my best to gather that info.


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You can try but assuming the other disks were mounted read/right parity will no longer be 100% in sync, so some filesystem corruption can result for the emulated disk:


This will only work if parity is still valid:

-Tools -> New Config -> Retain current configuration: All -> Apply
-Check all assignments and assign any missing disk(s) if needed, including the new disk you want to rebuild, replacement disk should be same size or larger than the old one
-IMPORTANT - Check both "parity is already valid" and "maintenance mode" and start the array (note that the GUI will still show that data on parity disk(s) will be overwritten, this is normal as it doesn't account for the checkbox, but it won't be as long as it's checked)
-Stop array
-Unassign the disk you want to rebuild
-Start array (in normal mode now), ideally the emulated disk will now mount and contents look correct, if it doesn't you should run a filesystem check on the emulated disk
-If the emulated disk mounts and contents look correct stop the array
-Re-assign the disk to rebuild and start array to begin.



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Since the still working data disks were mounted on another UNRAID machine under UD and as Ready Only, I'm hoping things are pretty decent, but I'm willing to accept some potential data loss.


I'll give that a shot in the next couple days, so thank for that @JorgeB :)

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