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  1. considering all the choices I was looking at are rated the same 8.4GT/s, I think I was fine in picking the L version.
  2. I'm a vote in the "server" camp. I believe in using the most robust, stable hardware I can find, when I can afford it. if you're worried about power consumption, halve your processor and memory count, unless you really need the horsepower. also if you have the choice, pick a low power variant of the processor. that one you listed is 130W max; the ones in mine are 35W. As for noise, that's a function of how hard it has to work anyways, and I can tell you mine isn't all that bad.
  3. you find a solution? My VMs are now dead in the water.
  4. bump for someone else having this problem.
  5. Glad it was something simple. I had a feeling based on your description of being thorough in checking your unBALANCE logs and actual transactions, that it was something like this.
  6. did you search the actual disk mount points and not the aggregated shares for the missing data?
  7. I can't believe no one has ever done a study on that. Hell, someone write me a script to do the following and I'll buy 2 brand new disks and abuse them to failure in a "scientific" test. disk 1: spin up and constantly write for 5 minutes, spin down for 5 minutes disk 2: constantly write for 5 minutes, idle for 5 minutes or set the time windows for whatever we think would be the most useful.
  8. NEGATIVE. the AR variants don't plug into PCIe slots. They plug into something called "Flexible smart host bus controller" that appeared in the Gen9 servers. you need the NON-AR variant.
  9. also check your power settings in iLO.
  10. ... and if anyone else who's in or is seeing this thread, doesn't go and make an immediate backup of their config...
  11. also be prepared, those could be SMR disks, which are bad news if you're needing to write tons of data to them periodically. No idea how they'll respond to a parity build.
  12. sota

    475m Errors!

    now go make a backup of your important stuff.
  13. you're not in NJ are you? and if you're thinking something's amiss with the hardware, strip it all the way down to single processor, single memory chip, no expansion boards, single power supply, no drives plugged in. I had mine delivered with a pair of memory sticks that turned out to be faulty, but because it's ECC memory the system was quietly dealing with the problem. Took a bit to figure it out. Product ID 669257-B21 System ROM P73 05/24/2019 System ROM Date 05/24/2019 Backup System ROM P73 08/02/2014 iLO Firmware Version 2.70 May 07 2019 Smart HBA H240 Firmware Version 7.00
  14. I made a bootable USB stick out of the ISO. there's even an HP branded tool/software to it. I'll grant you it was a bit disappointing when HP stuffed everything behind a paywall basically, but you can find stuff if you look for it. I didn't have as much apparent difficulty you seem to be having, getting the H240 to work properly. Looking at my archives, it's possible I used P19473_001_spp-2019.09.0-SPP2019090.2019-0905.39.iso instead, but I thought I only used that to get the updated BIOS/Firmware for the server, iLO, and potentially the controller. It's been a while since i did this, and the memory wasn't retained.
  15. I used 864794_001_spp-2016.04.0-SPP2016040.2016_0317.20.iso to switch to HBA mode. if you're still having problems getting it done, try and find that. also, see my sig.