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  1. I'd appreciate any updates on this if you ever move forward. I'm going to want to bring online several more cameras (8+ total), and activating motion detection on all of them for shinobi would be almost required to keep data storage to a manageable level. knowing what GPU would be needed to handle that kind of load would be beneficial.
  2. can I lock this container to an older version, 5.14.23, in the same way as build can be? namely, change repository field to: brettm357/unifi-controller:5.14.23-ls73 or something equivalent?
  3. have you gotten the ssacli to work under unRAID's flavor or linux? be nice to not have to boot into another OS ro deal with these issues.
  4. I'm running into excessive memory usage again. eb 5 15:10:13 Cube kernel: Task in /docker/973fc918d6f3ca143c8c5bb531b666066c0b41cef6cde6296e630d4c68ebf763 killed as a result of limit of /docker/973fc918d6f3ca143c8c5bb531b666066c0b41cef6cde6296e630d4c68ebf763 Feb 5 15:10:13 Cube kernel: memory: usage 8388608kB, limit 8388608kB, failcnt 157206156 Feb 5 15:10:13 Cube kernel: memory+swap: usage 8388608kB, limit 16777216kB, failcnt 0 Feb 5 15:10:13 Cube kernel: kmem: usage 102184kB, limit 9007199254740988kB, failcnt 0 Feb 5 15:10:13 Cube kernel: Memory cgroup stats for /docker/9
  5. I can try that. It'll be at least 16+ hours before I can do a reboot though, so i'm not ignoring you. eta: also I maybe should have mentioned (the whole lack of coffee thing), I'm in the process of doing a full array backup to cold storage, so there's a lot of disk swapping going on, and a specific VM is stopped/started each time.
  6. Any thoughts on why the preclear icon at the bottom will show the temperature for an UD, but not in the listing above? Also Read/Write never populate (not sure if related, but thought I should mention.) Diagnostics attached. If you need anything else, just ask, and please provide instructions as if I'm a complete moron, or haven't had any coffee in days. Thanks!
  7. I think I saw it in this thread, but i'll be damned if I can find it; I have the appearing/disappearing preclear finished status below an empty drive. What was the fix for that? nevermind. Just noticed I was on v.2020.12.31 for UD. updated to v2021.01.16b. seems to have stopped doing the thing.
  8. For those that have used these, are they viable for being able to run at least 1 VM and/or a couple containers? I'm thinking specifically SageTV as one of the containers.
  9. your before by-id doesn't have as many disks showing. I wanted to see if the wwn entries received unique numbers. I had a case where identical disks (but with different serial #s obviously) would have the same wwn entry, and prevent both disks from being mounted correctly. pretty confident it was a firmware reporting problem.
  10. Huh. So I restarted that container; no effect; still has only 3 help menus, and lots of commands don't work. Might just try and copy the other container to this one's folder, and see what happens.
  11. So apparently there was a problem with my kid's account. Not sure if we changed the password or what, but logging him out and logging in seems to have fixed it. Now another oddity: bedrock container 1 has 21 help menu pages. bedrock container 2 has 3 help menu pages, and I can't perform commands such as 'gamemode' as it says the command is invalid.
  12. Thanks. I did some digging last night, but the only info I could find was related to time, and the unRAID server is within 2 seconds of national time.
  13. So the thinking is there's a problem with my kid's phone, logging into his microsoft/minecraft account? I intend to have one of the containers exposed to the internet, so his friends can play on it as well. I'll check his phone when he gets back from school, and see if the account is correct on it.