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  1. considering I've got drives with > 40k hours on them, I wouldn't worry about a couple thousand.
  2. good news: chaingreen is synced finally! meh news: still a member of the 0-coin club. bad news: 2 of my plotters apparently decided "hey, let's update!" even though I told them NOT TO. So i'm behind in finishing these drives. if it's not one thing...
  3. there might be more wasted space, but the platter diameter increase will more than make up for that in terms of increased surface area. if you consider just the total surface area of the 3 circles, 2.5", 3.5" and 5.25", you'll find the latter is 2.5x the middle, and nearly 5x the first. that's excluding the losses incurred by the spindle itself, which will hurt the smaller drives more I suspect. in the worst case, just going to 5.25" should be able to get you a 50TB disk, in common 1" format. that also doesn't take into account the 60% increase in drive height you can do with a true HH
  4. I'd personally, spin up everything I could that I have here, that's not in use for anything, but only if I can do so without a butt ton of power consumption. This is the moment I wish manufacturers had listened to a want I've had for years: monstrous capacity, moderate speed, low power consumption. gimme a 5.25" Full Height drive, running at 3600rpm, and 100TB of capacity, for like $500. it only has to be fast enough to handle roughly 1.5 4K streams I'd say, and I don't care if it take 10-15 seconds for it to spin fully up (that'll help keep the power use down, with a lower
  5. looks like I'll get to 540 plots before I call it a day.
  7. so about that $200 price point... still haven't found an exchange that'll take my money.
  8. bigger problem is finding an appropriate backplane. most of the ones i'm seeing are passive, so I'll need more adapter cards to hook them up. I'd rather find an expander backplane. HighPoint EJ340 presents an interesting idea, but i'm still working up the $/drive-connected price.
  9. I was just going to take everything out of a case, literally drill some holes in the side of it that match the bolt pattern for holding 12 drives in the proper alignment, and stuffing everything in it. I don't 3D print.
  10. while waiting for my NR12000 to ship, i'm snooping around on fleabay, at backplane boards, wondering if I can't franken-rig one of them some how. lots seem to have 3x mini-SAS ports on them for 12x drives, and standard D-style power connectors. half wondering if I can't gut one of these mid-tower cases down, trick the power supply into starting, drill some holes and mount the drives and the backplane in there, then run a cable out to my LSI 9200-8e card.
  11. did anyone else have a problem recently with 1.1.6? While I was installing the other PoST coin apps, I had to stop chia, then when I restarted it, it refused to sync. A couple hours on, and I finally said **** it, and installed 1.1.7, in the hopes that it would fix... something. Apparently it did, as after a couple minutes it started to sync back up.
  12. nagging pet peeve of mine... 2021-06-21T07:21:11.926 full_node flax.full_node.full_node: INFO Requesting blocks: 33312 to 33344 2021-06-21T07:21:18.412 wallet flax.wallet.wallet_node : INFO Requesting blocks 2688-2720 when log entries are done in different styles. I'm a "consistency" kind of man. unless of course it's a deliberate stylistic difference, to highlight one being wallet_node and the other being full_node.
  13. figured out my "mistake"... didn't import the mnemonic to the other chains, to allow them to farm them. figured that out when I looked at the log on one.
  14. speaking of power, those 3 DL380's plus the farm computer and MD1000, are now running the UPS right on the ragged edge of overload. :eek: