What is your go-to HDD manufacturer?

What is your go-to HDD manufacturer?  

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Almost exclusively Western Digital for me with a couple of HGST.  The only drives I have ever had fail (and they failed spectacularly) were Seagate.


Everyone appears to have different experiences with the same brands.  With the top manufacturers its the luck of the draw.  They all make good drives and some occasional lemons.

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Seagate all the way for mine, mainly for the warranty.


My first (currently main) Unraid server has 22 4TB Ironwolf drives in the array with 2 6TB Ironwolf drives for parity, been running that for around 18 months now without issue. Just built a second server (initially for testing purposes but will migrate as main server eventually) has 6 18TB Exos X18 drives (one for parity) and so far, all good.


Each to their own at the end of the day, I know Seagate had their issues with some of the Barracuda drives a few years ago, then WD had the whole CMR/SMR fiasco so none of them are perfect.

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Seagate, WD, doesn't really matter to me, as long as it's their enterprise line - currently Seagate  Exos x16 and WD Gold 16TB. Best $/GB with a 5 year warranty, and right at 1w each in standby. Get enough drives in any chassis going, and I've had poor luck with the damned every single manufacturer's consumer lines (at least as far as HDD's go.

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I’ve just had a number (5 out of 8 ) of WD Red drives I bought a few years ago (not at the same time) start failing SMART tests.   The Seagate drives I bought around the same time are all passing their SMART tests gone, so on that basis Seagate is my choice.

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I take the last reports from Backblaze and use the most reliable HDDs in that list when combining age, amount of drives and failures.

My conclusion from following this list since years is that in most cases you can not trust a manufacturer you have to have a look at specific drives.









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The problem that I've always had with backblaze is that they don't quantify what they consider to be a failure, and they use whatever drives they can find cheap in an enterprise environment.  Tossing a ST4000DM into an enterprise environment isn't a fair comparison against enterprise drives which are designed for that workload.  Somewhat akin to entering a car in the Indy 500 running an engine from a Chevy Cruise vs everything else.  Sure, it'll work but it'll also fail pretty fast.

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