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  1. So, I did a trial extension.. but your software shorted me six (6) days. Grr.
  2. Update to my issue: The previous machine I was using to play with Unraid only had C2D/2GB of RAM. I borrowed some better guts from a local friend to demo Unraid on and it has been doing _much_ better - i5/24GB of RAM.
  3. Alright, I understand that. And I see where the 4TB drive becomes invalid. 4 can take care of the 1, 10 can take care of 1, but 4 don't take care of 10. *buries head in cables*
  4. As it stands, I have one 10TB drive as parity, one 10TB drive as storage. I would like to add the 4TB drive to the parity, and the 1TB drive to the storage. So yes, my parity would be bigger than my total storage. Unraid says invalid.. greedy bugger.
  5. I have two 10TB drives, a 4TB drive, and a 1TB drive. I have one 10TB drive as parity, the other for storage. I wanted to use the 4TB drive as the second parity drive, and the 1TB drive for storage. Unraid says f**k you, invalid configuration. Why? The parity size in total is bigger than the storage available. Wouldn't it make sense to call it valid? Future bug fix maybe? I'm trying to get all my experimenting done before my trial ends.
  6. If I wanted to go about with upvoting comments, I'd browse Reddit. I like seeing posts in order and the troubleshooting that happens that either leads to results or nothingness. Same goes for general conversations.
  7. Is the memory leak issue why my docker containers end up giving me an error when trying to restart them after I discover they've stopped when being away from the computer? I'm new to Unraid. Got 26-27 days left on my trial. Could be my drives also.. they go from having a healthy S.M.A.R.T. staus to unhealthy and back again. Data is backed up elsewhere, just have some for the trial.
  8. Welp, that's backwards from how I'd expect a computer to classify a USB thumb drive. *buries head in rats nest of cables* ** Issue solved **
  9. I shall try that, thanks! Will know within 10min. *crosses everything*
  10. I was gonna try and update to v6 after I got an old release in place.. unless LT has something in place to stop such.
  11. I can't get Unraid to install via USB drive or disc. The BIOS is old school - I tried setting it to 'removable' as first boot device. No go.
  12. I'm having issues trying to get Unraid 6 to install onto my LGA775 system. (C2D, 2GB RAM, 40GB Intel SSD, EVGA 780i [Nvidia chipset]) Yes, I know the system is ancient, but it's for trial purposes only before fully investing in new hardware. Unraid 4.4.2, from what I gather on the forums here, seems to be compatible. Private link to v4.4.2 and v5 for my trials would be greatly appreciated.
  13. First off, I'll admit that I don't currently use Unraid.. I'm using software from another vendor. but.. I'm peering over the fence. While it may have been convenient at the time, I need to grow my data pool.. but I wanna do it at my own pace. Trying to grow a data pool at four or more drives at a time, is just.. simply hard on the wallet. So, these days as I browse for server parts, Unraid crosses my mind.. the perks it offers, like expanding a drive or more at a time, GPU pass-thru - those are the two that stand out to me the most noticeably. Happy birthday, Unraid! You've got my attention.. I'd like to put your sticker on my rack.