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  1. For future reference, if you have a corrupt USB key and wonder why when you uncheck drive attributes and they don't stick - replace your USB key or format and try your old one, restore your backup (you made one, right?), transfer your license (if you replaced USB key), and then it'll work.
  2. That would be a good move. There's nothing specifying so in the template either.
  3. What gives with the container? I start it, it stops.. cycle repeats. Edit: Username must be lowercase apparently.
  4. I was afraid of that. Looks like my Cruzer Blades will be here Monday - one as a backup.
  5. *still waiting for drives to arrive* In the mean time, are there any issues that would hinder my update in the image below? Just curious if something could be fixed while I wait.
  6. Yeah, I should do that first.. heh *drives ordered*
  7. I tried disabling that in Settings > Disk Settings and under Main > Cache/Cache2 (on a per drive basis), but the settings don't stick in Firefox and Chrome. As for trying to upgrade to 6.12.0-rc2, see image for fault.
  8. *facepalm* Fuck Crucial.. or have they behaved since then? Unraid Cache 2 SMART health [197]: 27-03-2023 02:21 Warning [UNRAID] - current pending ecc cnt is 1 CT250MX500SSD1_************ (sdc) Yep, that they are. However, when I try to de-select items and click Apply, they get re-selected. Not sure if it's a bug or not. I noticed my system wouldn't let me upgrade to 6.12.0-rc2 either. So I also have three pending plug-in updates. I need to see if someone has replied to me on that issue also.
  9. Alright. Since SDA is my boot drive (no notifications about it, just an MCE a week ago), that response while helpful as it is (thank you), doesn't address SDB (one of two cache drives).
  10. Err.. I ain't seen a warning for SDA! o.0 Got a brand you recommend? NVMe or SATA-Doms work yet? It's been SDB going yellow-gree-yellow-green in my notification boxes. -- Maybe the MCE I got a few days ago was triggered by the USB drive.
  11. I tried installing 6.12.0-rc2, and I get the following.. plugin: installing: unRAIDServer.plg plugin: downloading: ... done plugin: downloading: unRAIDServer-6.12.0-rc2-x86_64.md5 ... done writing flash device - please wait... Archive: /tmp/ plugin: run failed: /bin/bash Executing hook script: post_plugin_checks
  12. Selective updates - ability to skip one or more container updates if certain containers are busy. Might be pretty tedious to implement..
  13. Good news! The logs are showing them now. Diagnostics are in..
  14. At one point it was possible to open the main "links" on top in a new tab if you held down "Command" on Mac or "Control" on Windows (and likely Linux). Lately when I've tried to do such, it opens in a new tab _and_ the current tab. Would be much appreciated if this was fixed. It would be great if Machine Check Events were easier to observe and use. Updated documentation also.