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Trying to re-add cache drive to pool.

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For... reasons... I temporarily removed one of my two SSD drives from the cache pool.


Now when trying to re-add the drive, it's giving me the message all data will be wiped out on the drive when I start the array.

If I start the array with just the single cache drive, none of my VM's or Docker containers show up.


Another thing is that the remaining cache drive shows "Unmountable disk present: unsupported or no file system"


I thought I did but I don't have any recent appdata backups that I can find.


My question is, are all my containers gone? If I re-add this drive and start the array, does it all get wiped out?

I'd hate to reconfigure all those containers again.


My setup is Unraid with two 20 TB array drives (one being parity) and a 1 TB cache pool of two 1 TB SSD cache drives (one that I'm trying to re-add without losing data). One 2.5 SSD and one m.2 NVME drive.


As for the SSD I removed, I can mount it in Unassigned Devices and see a bunch of folders (such as appdata).

I'm trying to copy files off of it just as a backup and it's suuuuuuper slow.


Thanks for any info/advice.

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4 hours ago, JorgeB said:

This should do it:


-unassign the NVMe device

-start the array without any device assigned to the pool to reset the config

-stop array, reassign both pool devices

-start array, existing pool should now be imported


Yes this workeed 100%. Thanks for solving my issue!


How did you come up with that? Something in the logs?

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