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fb's (f)unRAID Re-Pimped


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What's up y'all.


It's been more than a year since my baby was built.  Remember this?  At 8 pounds TB, 6 ounces drives, it didn't take long to outgrow it.  With the addition of new hardware, I figure I'll show off the update.


OS at time of building: 4.5.6 (hey, if it ain't broke...)

CPU: AMD Sempron 140 2.7GHz

Motherboard: Asus M4A78L-M

RAM: OCZ Gold 2x1GB AllComponents DDR2 800 2x2GB (upgraded to accommodate VM's)

Case: Cooler Master Centurion 590

Drive Cage(s): (3) SNT-SAC3051TL 5in3 (fans removed)

Power Supply: Corsair CMPSU-550VX


Cables: Yes, lots.



Parity Drive: WD20EARS

Data Drives: (1) WD20EARS (6) Seagate 1.5TB + Non Array [seagate 1.5TB (torrents) + WD 300GB (vbox)]

Cache Drive: none

Total Drive Capacity: Array = 11TB


Primary Use: Media storage & file sharing

Likes: Easy expandability - no need to take it apart to add storage, promotes Linux education and all around geekiness

Dislikes: Hoarding achievement unlocked

Add Ons Used: mysql, hamachi, CrashPlan, VBox, Transmission, ssh, screen

Future Plans: Today: Try to take over the world


I'm going to go ahead and blame Evernote for not saving my not-so-ever-note that contained my figures.  User error?  What's that?

Boot (peak):

Idle (avg):

Active (avg):

Light use (avg):


So after the initial 6 SATA slots were taken, I needed to purchase an expansion card to accomodate more drives.  I'm cheap *newsflash*, so the standard Supermicro it is.  My previous and tasty blue color scheme was completely c-blocked by the red cables I had to use with the expansion card.  I was like "Okay, okay, it doesn't seem so bad, I'll get used to--NOPE, this is unaccaptable."  So I sleeved those mofos.  Some of the color still creep through, but it's good enough to satiate my OCD.






So I removed the fans in the drive cages cause they were LOUD and installed a total of 4 exhaust fans.




Now the ugly outside :-/.  Ugly cause I tried to cover up all extra holes (giggidy) to promote airflow through the drives.










I probably could've gone with color sleeves, but I didn't want to have to sleeve the power supply cables either.  "But you don't have to re-sleave the black power cables."  No, no.  I'd HAVE to.


I'm currently cabled for 14 drives so I'm hoping I won't have to tinker with the insides for a long time.  One of the main goals was to be able to expand the capacity quickly and easily, without breaking the bank.  I think I'll mark this one a success.

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Thanks man.  I actually tried to find blue sleeves, but I wanted a dense mesh that would provide cable coverage.  Then I'd need color 3:1 shrink tubing as well, which was even harder to find.  All on the cheap of course.  So that's how I ended up with black.


Temps are posted in this thread.


The drives definitely run a little bit hotter since the fans were removed, but still adequate.  The goal of covering all the "un-fanned" holes is to have the air flow solely through drive cage's intake, well, as much as possible anyway.  Granted it's not completely air-tight but it's good enough I think.  Most of the drives are idle anyway.

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I ended up buying my blue sleeves and shrinks from FrozenCPU. I haven't used them yet. Probably in my next build.


I checked your temps in the other thread. I'm impressed! During parity!? Great work in getting that case air tight.

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