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[SOLVED] Multiple Networks

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Hello All:


After extensive searching the forum/wiki/google/guru's/linux, I have finally managed to invoke a 2nd NIC (10/100 (my choice)) for my unRaid System.  


Since this seems to be a "rare" need (given very limited responses), I am posting my solution in the hope that it might be of some help to others who find it necessary.


A Special Thanks to Avajon :) who steered me in the right direction - one needs to simply put the following command in the "go" script:


ifconfig eth1 192.168.x.xxx netmask up


I placed mine after "/usr/local/sbin/emhttp &" line


Avajon may be correct that the network card must be "recognized" by the unRaid kernel as I had to try several different cards to obtain one that worked.


I hope this is useful  :D




Aug 30 'post'


Quick GURU/Tom ? can I have my unRaid Server on two (2) Networks?  I have an internal (MB) 10/100/1000 Network for general use (10.0.0.xx) that has access to internet (I store my data and Movies etc.) and run all of my PC's on it.


I now have need (d/t a 'security' limitation) to have the unRaid on an internal network - Control 4 home theater & control applications.  If I place another Network Card (PCI 10/100/1000) with an entirely different sub-net 192.168.1.xxx could it function for both networks and if so, how would I configure the "Shares" etc. ?




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You can enable a second interface. You'll need to get it working using the CLI and then put the proper commands in the go file. Search the forum (and possibly in the wiki) for details.


dgaschk - Thanks you for your response, I am a bit unclear as to “CLI” though.  I’m still struggling with this problem so…




1. - bjp999 was kind enough to point me to http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=12454.0 which is similar to my situation.  I’ve tried to contact avajon but w/o success thus far.  I’m also not finding any information posted in the Wiki.


2. - I installed a GigE NIC in my unRaid and could not access or configure it via direct laptop connect and/or Router utilizing “ifconfig eth1 192.168.x.x netmask”.  It simply was not recognized by unRaid.  For fun, I decided to try an old 10/100 Nic and bingo it was recognized on boot.  I was also able to set it by ifconfig eth1 192.168.x.x … but could not access/ping my unRaid or the card from the laptop or Router.  The router also did not see the card online, even though unRaid (direct link-command line via Root) did.  I then removed the GigE card (10/100 left in place) and re-booted only to discover that eth1 was not recognized and my internal GigE Nic was re-set to 192.168.x.x and thus not available from any computer.  I was able to re-set eth0 with ifconfig and access it through //tower/main > settings.htm and re-apply my network configuration, whew!  ::) On re-boot, eth0 is correct and I'm not playing with eth1 at the moment.  :-*


The questions remain, how do I add a 2nd NIC?  How do I configure it so that unRaid doesn’t get confused between eth0/eth1?  How do I access my unRaid through the 2nd NIC and can I set specific shares?


avajon (apparently had success), Tom (LimeTech), Rajahal, Joe L. anyone have a suggestion or thought?  Thanks in advance.




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The questions remain, how do I add a 2nd NIC?  How do I configure it so that unRaid doesn’t get confused between eth0/eth1?  How do I access my unRaid through the 2nd NIC and can I set specific shares?


I've tried my 2nd NIC Card (10/100) that I originally used again but it failed to be recognized this time (seems odd), so I tried a different 10/100 NIC card and was able to set the IP to 192.168.x.x via "ifconfig eth1". 


I still cannot access the card from another computer.


Does anyone have a suggestion?


Attached is my current Syslog which shows that the 2nd NIC is present.




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Thanks for posting up your solution. I am going try and have a three nic unRaid so your solution i am sure will help with that


Wallace, good luck - let me know how it works out for you.  If it accomplishes your/my goal, then we should try to have this solution as a "sticky".


Dave  ;)

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