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I'm a n00b and need help setup shares for mac unraid server

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I am a recent convert to mac from windows. I have a HP MSS that did all my backups for the 5 machines the family had and used time machine for the macs as they came into the house. Recently it got flaky on backups so i'm making the move since i have no windows machines any more.


I have built a rpc-4220 chassis with unraid 5.0-beta12 with a pro license

currently i have 5 hd's installed until i move the data off my MSS and then i can add 4 additional drives. Here is where i get lost.

I want to setup shares like music, video, time machine for ea mac, ect. I have ONLY enabled AFP and not smb or nfs. When i setup a share i see in the finder disk1, disk2,(etc-all disks) then video, music but i cant move files to the named ones so i must have something wrong.


What i want is to only see the music, etc and not disk1 etc if possible. maybe i just need someone to hold my hand through this setup.

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I am not in front of my unraid box so bear with me.


Open in safari tower/main.

Where you see the drive list (disk 1-2-3 ect), click the drive and it should bring you to a drive setting page.

Go ahead and set your individual drive share properties.


Personally, I set all disks to hidden and read/write for admins and read for everyone else


I hope that helps

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for afp (mac) shares you should only use disk share OR user shares. not both at the same time.

i would recommend to share your user shares over afp and disable afp shares on disk shares completely. if you need the disk shares too, use smb for those.


Thanks Benni-chan that did exactly what i was looking to do. ;D


Using V5 Beta12


Now on to my other q's

best way to setup the shares and span the disks?

Here is my disks

Parity - 2tb

disk1 - 2tb

disk2 - 1.5tb

disk3 - 1tb

disk4 - 1tb

disk5 - 1tb

disk6 - 1tb

disk7 - 1tb

disk8 - 500gb (future cache disk)

disk9 - 400gb (this poor little guy will get removed if not needed or used just something i had lying around)

Cache - 36gb (old 10,000rpm raptor)


Currently all shares are set to:

Min free space - 0

split level - blank

included - blank

excluded - blank

cache - yes



Here is my share's and max size needed for each. This is the future max total needed so the total needed and what disk storage i have should be about equal. I have 10 more drive bays if needed. :o

J Time Machine - 1.5tb

S Time Machine - 750gb

F Time Machine - 500gb

A Time Machine - 500gb

J crap - 100gb

S Crap - 100gb

Crashplan - 200gb

Music - 100gb

Videos - 4tb :o

Software - 400gb

Photos - 500gb


What would be the best settings for

Allocation method.....

Min Free space.......

Split level.......(which i really get lost trying to figure out ???)



cache disk.....(i assume yes on most since i really cant see pushing more than the 36 gig a day. Even a few dvd rips a day at most).....



Should i change any of the disk settings or leave them default?


share settings page: use cache disk is set to yes but what should min free space be set to? currently 200000


Mucho Thanks for any guidance.  :-*



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