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Why can I not write?


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Hi All


I just did some reading through on both the official and un-official manuals and did a search on this board but nothing I read applied to me.

I have the following settings.

Name: share


Allocation method: High-water

Min. free space: 0

Split level:

Included disk(s):

Excluded disk(s):

Share empty? No


Export: Yes

Security: Secure

user - access

root: Read/Write

daniel: Read/Write


I am accessing the share from a Windows 7 machine so. \\\share

At the base level I can create a folder but after any folder from there I cannot, it says I do not have permission. I copied the files to my array off a USB Drive using the 'cp' command via Telnet originally but I want to be able to move files the GUI Level but I cannot seem to do it so far?

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