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Question about Video Card


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How important is a video card in an unRAID server? I have a PC that has a motherboard without onboard video. I currently have an 8800GTS card in it, which I plan on taking out. I was hoping to be able to just throw any old video card in it just so the system will boot. I cant imagine the server really depending on the video card at all, but its better to ask and know for sure, than learn the hard way.



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I pulled a 10 year old 512k PCI card out of what i think was a packard bell and put it in my Gigabyte GA-EP45t-USB3P when I was running unraid that. it has a PCI video setting in the bios.


It worked about 90% of the time at boot up.

when it didnt boot, it just hung with no video.

when it did boot, it worked fine until i rebooted.

I Also had 2 MV8's on the same build and mixed speed ram.

i honestly think the ram was the issue and not the video card.

that board was never very stable for me.


I dumped that build rather quickly.


I'm sure any PCI or cheap PCIe 1X cards will work without an issue normally.


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