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Help! System stops responding 80% of the way through parity check


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My Unraid box was working fine for months, then suddenly one day I got some blue lights next to some drives. Now when I rebuild parity around 80% the whole thing wonks out, I can't access anymore, and when I look at the syslog it looks like there's some sort of error but I can't tell what it is. Now when I try to login via Telnet the Telnet window just shuts down seconds after I try to type anything..no idea what I'm doing wrong or what happened.



Please please help! I've attached the syslog - I can't tell if I have a bad drive, or a bad cable, or if I should turn off the box, or let it run.. or..I'm very scared of losing the data.


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I'm experiencing the exact same thing. Every time my system goes to do a parity check, it loses all external connections -- no telnet, web, anything. I have to cross my fingers, hit the power switch, and hope nothing bad happens.


Is there anyone that can help us diagnose what's happening?

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