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3 TB HDD review

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Drives me crazy reading and hearing about 3TB drives all over and I can't install any of them in my unraid box! I refuse to switch over to a beta since the data I have is important to keep.


I know, I have two 3TB's that arrived last week, waiting, unused, for a more stable beta.  (Well this beta is stable, as in not crashing - but it does have some issues that remain.  None of them seem to be around corrupt data though?)

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i have been running the betas ever since they came out. maybe i am lucky, but i have never had an issue with data getting corrupted. i have had other issues, but data loss has not been one of them.


in one of the recents replies from tom, he stated that beta 12a was very close to becoming rc1, which is only a step away from stable.

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