smbd[1515] warnings/errors

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Hello community! 

I've been getting the following error messages in the Server Log after I try to investigate why a SMB transfer has failed due to an 'unexpected error' on Finder's Mac OS X. The Finder error happens on several files, so I believe this isn't an isolated event to a particular file(s) but more of a SMB error or warning:


smbd[1515]:   ad_fset: short write on Path/To/Directory/._FILENAME: -1ad_convert_xattr: ad_fset on [ Path/To/Directory/._FILENAME: Bad file descriptor




smbd[1515]:   fruit_freaddir_attr: ad_convert(" Path/To/Directory/._FILENAME") failed



What can I do to help make SMB transfers a little smoother and reliable?


Thank you! 



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