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Updated to 5.0beta12a need some help


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I was running an old 4.5 unraid release and then I got Mac OS Lion and the timemachine backup stopped working.  So I have updated to 5.0b12a and I have some issues.  I am looking for a setup document of some type to configure unraid for AFP.  I can turn AFP on on the GUI, but when I try to map a drive I get an error "he server may not exist or it is unavailable at this time. Check the server name or IP address, check your network connection, and then try again." the server does exist (I can map to it using SMB) but it doesn't respond to AFP.


I have added the usual user to the users list, and added both disks to the user share.  Still no joy.


I would appreciate any pointers or documentation that would help me setup AFP 5.0b12a. 



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The problem is that I cannot log in to view either disk1 or disk2 using AFP.  I want to setup the unraid such that I can see one large disk or two smaller disks.  I want to use the connect to server function under finder to 'map a drive' to the disk1 or disk2 in unraid.  I have three 2T disks: one is parity, the other two are data drives.  I started with a much earlier version of unraid and upgraded (following the instructions) to 5.0beta12a.



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So the steps I have done:

1. On the Settings page I turned on AFP , NFS off, SMB off

2. on the Settings page I go to Share settings and enable user shares with included disk(s) = disk1

3. A shares tab shows up at the top and I click on it and all the shares I have in the previous picture show up

4. One of the items under the share tab is "user"

5. I go to my mac pro under finder I select 'go' 'connect to server' and type afp://

6. I hit enter and I get the error message

The server “” may not exist or it is unavailable at this time. Check the server name or IP address, check your network connection, and then try again.

I did create a user 'midnight' with the same password as before after upgrading.

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Okay I think I have a handle on it now.  In the older version I had two shares "disk1" and "disk2" that corresponded to each disk.  I backed up a bunch of macs to disk1 and disk2.  Then I upgraded to 5.0beta12a.  All the shares showed up when I turned on the user share on disk1 and disk2.  So now under settings share settings I have 'yes' and one disk 'disk1'.  then the shares tab pops up and I create a new share called 'user' that is just 'disk1' with the TimeMachine export option.  I can now map my macs to user.  However Snow leaopard backs up just fine but OS Lion gets the error "The back was not performed because an error occurred while copying files to the backup disk.  The problem may be temporary.  Try again later to back up.  If the problem persists, use Disk Utility to repair your backup disk".


Thanks for the help.


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