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Can't read XFS hard drives recently pulled from my array, trying to mount as USB drives

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I just turned my Unraid system with 4 12TB HDs into a system with 11 4TB SSDs instead. There wasn't anything wrong with the HDs prior to this, I just wanted faster data transfer without mechanical delays, which sometimes caused video playback to sputter.


I figured I should be able to stick these drives into an external USB enclosure, then mount them to access their content. I've got the vast bulk of what I needed to copy copied already, so I'm not at risk of losing any important data, but I just wanted to check for some stray files I might have missed. I'd also, in the future, like to be able to count on the stack of old drives as an extra offline backup.


The drives don't come up as readable under Unassigned Devices, however. All I get is the option to format them. I might expect that for the old parity drive, but not all three data drives.


I wasn't (at least by conscious choice) using drive encryption of any sort. Why wouldn't these drives be mountable? The external enclosure is working, as verified by a 20TB XFS drive I just mounted without any problem.


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