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JMB585 long term usage experience?

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I wonder if anyone has experience from jmb585 from long term usage? Are they still holding up ?


Have purchased a jmb585 card but am still abit nervous starting using them from my experience with Marvell sata boards in the past.

Marvell boards used to work fine in the start but after some time of usage started corrupt data.


This is the one I got.


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That board is basically the same as I've had in my server for the past couple of years (PCIe x4, 5 SATA ports).  I've never had a lick of trouble with it, except for the junk SATA cables that came with it, which I tossed shortly afterward.


Thinking about it, other than the case and power supply, it is perhaps one of the few things left from my original server build.  😋

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  • 2 weeks later...

My board got io error after 3 disks had spun for 3 hours with io load. Maybe it got overheated, worked again after reboot.


So my longterm test did not run long. Will have to put in a power hungry LSI card =(


Got an 9217-8i and a 9300-8i will have to see which one is least power hungry.

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I've just bought a card with the same JMB585 chip and it doesn't seem to be recognised by unRAID. This is what I bought: CY M.2 NGFF NVME M-Key PCI Express to SATA 3.0 6Gbps 5 Ports Adapter Converter Hard Drive Extension Card JMB585 2280 https://amzn.asia/d/5iklmKJ


Is there anything I can do to get it to work, or do I just need to find an alternative? I'm after something to use my spare M.2 slot. 



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25 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

You can post the diags to see if anything is being detected, it could just be a bad controller.

That your for your advice! tower-diagnostics-20240525-1838.zip


Diagnostics zip is attached. 


I have 4 M.2 ports, 3 are hard drives and the 4th is this card. I originally had a couple hard drives attached to the M.2 card but I've connected them elsewhere for now. I bought 4 new drives so an in the process of adding them to the server, as I want to remove one of the 4tb drives. So as this is happening I've had to try and connect them all in any way that I could, which has meant that one of the new drives have been connected via USB, but it won't remain that way. 


Despite the fact that no drives are currently connected to the card, the card should show up, shouldn't it? I'm assuming so. Anyways, as I've said the Diag file is attached, and I'll have a look at it myself. I don't really know what I'm looking for, but I might get lucky lol

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17 minutes ago, HomerJ said:

I've looked in System Devices and it isn't showing there.

Then it's not being detected, that's not a software problem, could be the controller or the m.2 slot in the board, you can test in another board to confirm it's working.

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2 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

Then it's not being detected, that's not a software problem, could be the controller or the m.2 slot in the board, you can test in another board to confirm it's working.

Ok cool. I know the slot works because I've had a hard drive in this position in the past. Therefore it must be the card. 


Thank you for your help!

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On 5/29/2024 at 3:42 PM, HomerJ said:

I bought a new one: 





Installed it and immediately everything is working as it should. Thanks heaps for the help!

I am also using the same product.
I don't know if I bought a defective product,
All disks are recognized on the first boot, but disks are often lost during the reboot process.

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