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Occasionally unable to transfer files


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I hope this doesn't become a common occurence but I have searched for an answer but have been unfruitful.


I'll post a syslog when I get home but hopefully its as simple as my previous inquiry (Did not Plug into the right outlet of UPS).


So the Server has been operational for about 3-4 weeks now.  (I'm still on Basic while I'm testing it out before I go Pro but I've got the drives pre-cleared and such.)


So currently its 3 x WD20EARS  with one being a Parity Drive.


So for the first 3.5 TB that I've filled there were no errors or such.  Recently though when I try to Unrar 10GB files or transfer 8GB files from other areas to the Unraid Server it would timeout and then give me a Network Device not Found or Disk could be full error. 


I read somewhere that Kaspersky might be causing the network to time out somehow but then I thought why didn't it happen previously.


For the Min Free Space on the Shares, I've left them blank.  I also tried to put a number thats twice the largest file size and it still occured.  I find this strange or its because I'm unfamilar with the application.  Both Drives are using High Water.  There's about 436GB Left.

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Do you have a directoy with a very large number of files in it?  Like 100,000 files?  I save my backups to a share directory on my unRAID and once the number of files got large I started to get time out errors from Windows 7 when I attempted to view the directory (though Win XP did not seem to have the same problem).  Usually I could get Windows File Explorer to open the directory on the second attempt, though the first attempt might take a minute to time out and fail.








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I too have seen this happen as drives get full. I first noticed this behavior a year ago, and since then I have seen others run up against this same issue. I have never seen the issue when transferring files within the server, using the command line or midnight commander, only Samba. As a work around I will move to a drive that is not as full, and then move it to it's desired location using midnight commander.





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