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Unraid CPU is always high

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Hi guys, I use unraide 6.12.4 and there is only docker service runs besides default system config.


My Unraid CPU is always high until now. I have force reboot the system before, CPU have become high after running a couple of days.


I opend the bug report in bug section. But system told me the issue was resolved on 6.12.4.


shutdown and reboot command can't work.


web portal can access, but When I input correct password, system promtp http 500 error.


Could you help me to resolve the issue because I run unraid as the kernel server and the bug has repeated.


Many Thanks.



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I run the same containers on vmware's VM which run ubuntu for a long time and have never meet any problem. 


I switched from vmware to unraide a couple of weeks. The CPU has become high twice as long as unraid server have run about two days.


Anyway, I will follow your instructions. 

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Hi Jorge, I think I have found the problem that I used docker stack for postgres master and slave service(there are two container running at the same time). I found the system create new container again and again. 


When I use docker-compose with the same yml config file, the CPU can't become high any more.


I think you can try to rebuild in your lab. 


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