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Getting to install and run Tonido (cloud) on Unraid?


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Let me start with little explanation, Tonido (http://www.tonido.com/software_what.html) is a closes think to cloud on your own server with some other cool software like blog, photo gallery, finance software, music & video streaming, remote torrent, calendar, sync clients for windows linux and mac (beta), backup, file sharing, webDAV server, remote clients for iphone android and windows phone to access files and media streaming and more. Some of the apps aren't open source but framework is Open Source and you can build your own plugins plus you can run PHP applications inside Tonido as plugins. There is software available for download to run on Windows, Mac, Ubuntu Mepis and version of Sheeva PC Plug. Does anyone has any experience or idea what would take to get this running on unraid, would this be more feasible on Unraid 5.0 versus 4.7? Does anyone here currently runs compilation of different software packages that let's you mimic some of the tonido functionality on unraid? I really like the idea of single running PC that can provide some of the cloud services together with unraid redundancy. While doing this I would like to avoid using 3rd parties services like dropbox, call me paranoid  :). Thank you up front for any suggestions.


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There are a couple of personal cloud software solutions out there now that I've seen two of the front runners are:





I'd love to see either of these ported to run in unraid.  I'd be willing to put in the work if I knew how to get started.  Is there a guide anywhere for how to package something up into a plugin for the 5.0 architecture?


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Jarek & Bags & others,


It seems to me that the simplest way to make your unRAID setup serve as your personal cloud -- if that is indeed your objective -- would be to connect a TonidoPlug device to your home network and give it access to your unRAID shares/files.  The TonidoPlug would be your cloud server and also run the Tonido software apps.


The software that Tonido supplies for Linux computers seems to be for Debian-flavored distributions; unfortunately no source-code seems to be available.  If they released the source for the Tonido Sync client software, versions could be compiled for NAS and NAS-like devices so that they could more easily talk/sync with a Tonido server or TonidoPlug.  I'm not sure why they don't do this... oh well.


An alternate path might be through virtualization... a virtual machine in your unRAID rig running Debian (or a minimal Ubuntu install or even WinXP) could run the Tonido software.  But that seems to be a lot of overhead to run their apps... might it not be better to find or write plugins that run natively on unRAID?

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