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  1. I must have not have set the MBR properly using El Captin.
  2. Checked bios, everything looks ok. Goes past Bios then the cursor just sits in the upper left of the screen and blinks. I formatted on a mac and i went through and clocked on make boot mac. looked ok. Im stumped.
  3. It goes into bios to the Ausus motherboard then a blinking cursor in the upper left of the screen. Thats it nothing else.
  4. Long story short, I think either the server didn't shut down before I pulled out the flash drive or improper shut sown from the second to last version of 6. Originally everything worked fine. I changed networks after giving the unraid box a static ip address. So I tried to change the config file and thats when things went wrong. I backed up the thumb drive before but even thought I put the network config file back I still can't boot. I reformatted the drive and put the newest basic ver of 6 on the thumb drive (scan disk cruiser) I checked bios and it still says boot from removable drive. Can someone please help a brother out.
  5. Any advice on what share level I should be using?
  6. I recently reformatted my thumb drive to start over from 5.7. I am adding my shares back in but it seems the split level has changed a little. Can anyone tell me what Automatically split any directory as required means? I have 3 data drives right now. If the share name is zero "Movies" and the movie folder is 1 and the movie.mvk is 2 which setting do I need to make sure 1 and 2 stay together. Its not as big a deal with the movies share but the Family movies share have stay together. As I would have a file called "Beach" inside that file would be folders for the following Canon, Go Pro, Photos. I don't care what disk they go on because some of the shares won't fit on 1 disk any way. I thought about Manual but won't I have to create all my share folders on all the disks? Don't know If I need top level or top 2 levels? Is anyone following me? Thanks for the help. My new shares would be something like: Movies Folder With the name of the movie "ABC" ABC.mkv Family Videos Beach Canon/Go Pro/Photos
  7. Ok I have the Docker.img on my cache drive still need answers on the rest. In the long run is it better to just create a share with cache only?
  8. A little confused, I just did a fresh install of 6 beta 14 so I have a blank cache drive. So what folders dod I need to create to use docker and what should they be named? I am planning on running plex, own cloud, tonido and a few others. Do I need to make an apps folder and a data folder? In version 14 it doesn't have the window pastiche url. Also how would you handle more than one image since there is not one big repository with all?
  9. The 20 was from my array to a usb 3 drive connected to another computer on the network, Thanks again for the willingness to help.
  10. I took Gay's advice and bought a Intel pro Pcie gigabit card installed it. Says its liked up at 1000. Mucommander says a copy is running at 20 Mb/s does that sound about right for a gigabit network?
  11. Problem is I will probably have to order it off the internet. The brick and mortar stores aren't what they use to be. Either its bad timing for the card to go out or a config problem from the upgrade, even though I down graded. Any idea how to check the driver info or add a driver?
  12. I plugged in the laptop to the same cable and port on the switch, it linked up 1000 and a speed shows pretty close to on par. so Its the nic or unraid.The card shows a green light in back for a link but at the switch it blinks slow some times and then goes out. This is frustrating.
  13. ethtool --change speed 1000 eth0 bad command or file name I tried it with and with out eth 0. Same with change duplex. I tried with the -- and without. I think now its either a driver problem or a card problem. I tried ethanol -S and it says no driver or device.
  14. C3 Im not sure how to change those settings. Gary Now that I think about it I did change some of the settings on the network tab of the GUI for a static Ip address. Also the aftermarket nic card is based on the realtec 8169sc. I have read some of those cards are having problems. I think I downloaded some ones build back in the days of 4.7 but I have since upgraded to 5 and even up to 5.04 with no problems. Might explain why I ran some ethtool commands with a response of no driver or device found. I tried using the -t to test the card with ethtool but no luck. I think I have an rj45 cable tester some where. I have reloaded biz root and bizimage from 5.04 no luck. I also tried a network.cfg file from the same back up. Still no change. The only other new changes are the addition of bit torrent sync. With out the gui is there a way to uninstall bit torrent sync? I installed it using Phaze method using plug ins. Would I be better off in the long run just getting an intel nic? even with the old card I had writes of 40mb/s sing mucommander to a parity protected array even with a cache drive. My original goal was to copy 4tb of info off the drives, upgrade to version 6 then reformat the drives.
  15. I have an APC battery back up with the rj45 cable turning in to the USB into the tower for the battery shut down. Gary I am not using anything between my switch and my card. I am starting to think its the card. I tried a second cable and the green lights on the switch blink some of the time. The little green light on the card its self doesn't stay lit all the time. I'm thinking its the card. Gary to answer your question, cable router to time capsule to netgear unmanaged switch (gigabit) to nic card in the tower.