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How to set a PCI-Sata card???


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Hi everyone!!!


I'm a newbe that successfully setup a Unraid server, with the following configuration:


Processor: Intel Pentium E5200

Mobo: P5G41-M

Ram: 2gb

Case: Cooler Master 690 II

Disk: Parity (2tb), Cache (750mb) & 2 Disks (1tb each)


Since I ran out of space, I tried to setup a PCI sata card - Vantec 6 Port Sata II 150 (Sil3114)


I was not able to see any disk attached to the card. I tried to set the AHCI on the southbridge, but there was no option.


Is my mobo incompatible with my card?

Is my card incompatible with unraid?

Is AHCI required to setup this card?




Thanks in advance.




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I use an SIL3114 card - not the same version - I can confirm the chip is compatible with unRAID.  SUre, it's not fast, so parity checking is slow, but access to one drive at a time is fine.


AHCI is not normally relevant to the card - I have never seen an SIL3114 BIOS which supports it, and AHCI settings on the motherboard are only for motherboard ports.


Does the PC start up include messages from the SIL3114 card's BIOS?  It should at least list the drives connected to it and report them on the screen.  If not, does it at least report a BIOS version? (it should). 


Also, note that it's really only a four port card - there are jumpers to select whether two of the ports are internal or external.



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dgaschk: Thank you for the info!


mbryanr: I wasn't able to get to the card bios. It prompts me to press F4, to access the raid info, but if you do it, it answer that there is no raid cards.



S80_UK: Thank you for the good info.


The card was recently purchased, at a local CompUSA. I like to try to make thinks work, but after reviewing the info provided by all of you about the poor performance of the card, I will try to return it to CompUSA. Anyways, THANK YOU for the quick response and for the time invested on giving me the information!!!!!! It helps me to understand a little bit mor, on how to setup a card.


I will change my processor and mobo (with one that have PCIex16) and buy one of the recommended cards.


Again....THANK YOU ALL!!!

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If I am not mistaken, the P5G41-M has 4x Sata, a PCIe 16x and a PCIe 1X  and onboard video on it also.


I believe you can get that motherboard to 14 Sata hard drives.

4x on the onboard controller,

2x on a PCIe 1x sata adapter

8x on a PCIe 4x or 8x SAS adapter in the 16x slot. (using a supermicro aoc-saslp-mv8 for example)




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  • Trip to CompUSA to return the sata card: $25.00
  • Cost of a new card: $102.99
  • Cost of a new mobo plus proc: $150.00
  • ...having someone to show you how dumb you are in not realizing that you already have a usable mobo and only need a new card....PRICELESS!!!!!


I think that I will go with the AOC-SASLP-MV8 ($106.99 - superbiiz.com)



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