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SuperMicro 5x3 cages. What's the difference?


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CSE-M35T1 (Manual http://www.supermicro.com/manuals/chassis/mobile_rack/CSE-M35.pdf)


CSE-M35TQ (Manual: http://www.supermicro.com/manuals/other/CSE-M35TQ.pdf)


From what I can see, the Q version is SAS/SATA and uses a different chipset than the 1 version which is SATA only. It's also about £20 more in the UK...


Now, what I want to know, is does anyone know definitively if either or both of these RELIABLY support drive failure status errors via LEDs when using SATA drives (without additional connections)? I know for sure that earlier CSE-M35T1s didn't, but some people say newer ones do. Except are they really the 1 version not the Q one?


Cheers in advance

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