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Formatting Problem


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I am setting up a new UnRAID server and running into a issue formatting the disks


I am using a fresh copy of v4.7


I using WD WD20EARS 2TB SATA hard drives


I am reusing hard drives from another UnRAID. I took each drive and wiped them off using WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics tool. I wrote zeros on the drive and then formatted them with NTFS


I had no problems bring up UnRAID. booted with no problems. UnRAID sees all the drives. No configuration issues. Everything is default.


UnRAID sees all the drives as Unformatted. I click on the ....


"Format will create a file system in all Unformatted disks, discarding all data currently on those disks."

I check the        "I'm sure I want to do this"  box and UnRAID says it is formatting the array"


After about 10 minutes or if I check refresh UnRAID will see all the disk as Unformatted again. It never formats.


Please help.











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Hello again,


Swapped out the bad disk. Now I do not see see the button to reset the configuration for the array. I know in the past version there was a way to reset it to a new configuration. I included a screen print of the main page. I also do not see it anywhere else.


New syslog file is also attached.


Thanks for your help.



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