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Days/countless hours spent - cant figure out permissions.


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Ive read the permissions wiki, along with searched high and low throughout these forums - but cannot figure out what seems to be a very simple issue. 


I have a share, and have set the perms to Secure, with a user named gman that has read/write permission to the share.  (as well as root)


When I map to the share from windows (login is gman, with exact password as on unraid box), the share shows up fine, but I cannot change any of the files or folders.  I get "You require permission from Unix User\nobody to make changes to this folder"


I know that when I upgraded to 5.0 beta12a, we had to run the new permissions which set everything at nobody/users.  But I didnt really understand why, even though I read the document that was recomended to read but I guess didnt fully get it. 


Do I need to run a chown gman on /mnt/user/xxx ? 


I even tried to set the share as PUBLIC and nothing changes, after a complete reboot of both systems.  The only way I am able to make any kind of changes to the share is if I log off my windows box and log back in with 'root' being the user.  (I created one just to see if it would work) 


I am sure this is a very common issue - so I hope the answer/solution is an easy one.  Attached is my syslog


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I was having permissions issues on a new install, and found the "new permissions" link by poking around, and it took a while to run, but this morning, the file I was having issues with is fine.  i was able to delete the file I couldn't delete yesterday.


However, I was trying to find out why some recorded TV programs didn't get read by comskip.  I thought I'd just change the name, and see if I could trick file watcher into starting it.  BUT, I can't change the name, permissions issue :(


I don't imagine I'm supposed to be having to do this fix frequently, so maybe I messed something else up?


I'm a brand new user, and the reports of 5b12a were good, so I am running it; never run anything else prior.


should I downgrade?  I have Hitachi 3TB drives, and other than the above, everything seems great (well, slow network speed, but I've seen tweaks I haven't had a chance to try yet).


anyway, other thoughts on the permissions solution?

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