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Desktop can't access server directory/files.


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I'm sure there have been many posts similar to this one, but I have yet to find one that solves my problem of not being able to access any of the files or directories on my UnRaid server from my windows 7 desktop.


If I go into the network explorer window the server shows up as Tower, but when I double click on it a message pops up says "Windows cannot access \\TOWER" and at the same time I have no problem accessing the UnMenu screen via the browser.  Another weird event is if I leave both my desktop and the server running long enough(almost an hour) when I double click I finally can get access to everything, and I also have a Patriot Box Office media player connected to the same router as my pc and server and it can read/play media files immediately after the server comes online.


What issues could be causing this? ???


Thanks for your time guys!

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You gave us little information.  We need a syslog and a hardware breakdown for starters.


Oh sorry about that.  Attached is the latest syslog, and all the hardware/software specs on my server can be found in my signature.  Hope this helps.



If I had to take a wild guess I would say the issues are likely related to the Marvell NIC in the server.  My suggestion would be to find an Intel PCI NIC card and replace the one in your server. Make sure to disable the onboard NIC in the BIOS.

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