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  1. Anyone here using the Syncback application to do backups from a windows PC to an unraid share and have the ACCESS DENIED error when performing backup that involves deleting copying new content over? Thanks
  2. I've been running low on space in my Unraid server for awhile now, and now I must get a drive ASAP. My local PC store has Seagate BarraCuda 3TB (ST3000DM008) drives on sale and are $30 cheaper than the WD Blues/Reds I currently have in my server. I've never really bought Seagate before. I've always gone with either WD or HGST as I've heard Seagates are hit or miss. Wondering if what I heard was wrong...
  3. I just purchased and flashed a H310 PERC controller card. After reading several forums on how to flash the card, I stumbled upon many users saying they had heat issues with this card and opted to remove the stock heatsink for a universal heatsink fan for better cooling. Has anyone done this? This seems to be the popular choice:
  4. Indeed I did need a second computer. First It wouldn't boot with the card in, and after reading a few forums posts found out that I had to cover the B side 5 and 6 pins with electrical tape. I then also ran into booting trouble with my UEFI based mobo. Tried using the added shell but when I went to clean the OEM firmware with megarec it kepted stalling after entering "megarec -writesbr 0 sbrempty.bin". Pulled out my 10 yr old AMD system that has been sitting in my closet for years. Popped it in...voila worked...megarec...worked cleared firmware...and sas2flsh loaded the latest one ont
  5. Just got myself a used Dell H310 card. Can someone point me in direction of a good tutorial showing how to flash this card to handle just JBOD mode. Thanks
  6. Just bought a PERC 310 off ebay, and im wondering if there are any recommendations for the sata cables. Looking on newegg for examples there are expensive and super cheap, big quality difference?
  7. Glad I ran into this post. So the H310 is better than the SAS2LP? I've been wanting to upgrade my server from onboard to a decent sata card for better transfers and additional sata port.
  8. Just wondering if there was anything wrong with using a WD Blue 3TB drive over the more expensive Red/Green 3TB. I'm going to need more space soon in my unraid server and my local PC shop has a sale going on for their WD Blues...difference of $30. Just wondering as my current system has a mixtures of Greens and reds...
  9. Is there still a working plugin for APC UPS's that work with the latest version of UnRaid? Thanks
  10. I wanted to know if it was possible to combine two x264 HD video streams into a single file. I have a NAS that I stream video files to various devices around my home. I usually watch full uncompressed video on my HTPC since it can handle it but two of my siblings have older media player boxes that can only handle smaller bit-rate mkv files. So I'm wondering if I can have a way of including both video streams into one container stored on my server. Thanks
  11. Hello, I'm interested in combining my HTPC and UNRAID box into one unit with the latest virtualization feature of 6.0. I'm looking at using either the AMD AM1 or FM2+ style CPU's which support HVM, but I'm having a hard time figuring out which motherboards have a BIOS that has IOMMU support? Thanks
  12. glad to hear it can handle a good number of drives.
  13. encryption would be great.