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Can not unmount usershare??

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Hey Guys,


Friday, I did a Parity-Check. Before the Parity-Check, everything worked just fine.

When it was finished (80+ Errors on the Parity Drive), my User Share "Media" was not working anymore. I can acces the separate disks an the folder structures on them, but the user share "Media" was gone.

Trying to make a new user share "Media" results in an empty map "Media" next to all my disks (in Windows Explorer), not containing any of the folders in the maps "Media" which are present on any of my disks.


Restarting the array first results in a user share that can not unmount, and a hanging server.

When next pulling the powercord, a self starting Parity-Check followes..


Can anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

(probably something really stupid and simple..)



See attached syslog.








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