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Win Server 2008 R2, UnRaid, HTPC, YAMAHA RX-A3000, looking for some input

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Hello All,


I'm gonna cut to the chase, below is my setup, and uses.


Win Server 2008 R2 - Hosts my downloads, I clean them up with Ember Manager, and TV Rename, I share them with my HTPC's in the house.


UnRaid - It's a 4220, and quite honestly haven't had time to set it up but was thinking of moving everything off my R2 server and setting up shares so I could see them on my network, for my server and my htpc's.


HTPC - I have 3 all running windows 7 and XBMC, although I was thinking of running WMC and XBMC in the livingroom. (Any thoughts on that idea?) My living room HTPC is based off of this particular build from the AVS forum. I want to use it to rip my blu-rays and do encoding. I used the AMD setup.


YAMAHA RX-A3000 - Just got this bad boy to replace my RX-665. Love it but according to the instructions I need to have Windows Media Player on a host PC for it to see the music. Is there anyway to get this to run straight off of UnRaid? Or do I just need to have a music share off of Unraid and map it to the Win Server?


I would greatly appreciate all your thoughts and suggestions.



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