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4x PCI-e card in 16x PCI-e slot


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Hi there,


I have one of these boards, which I'm thinking of turning into an unRaid system:




It does not have onboard video, so usually you would put a video card in the 16x slot. Do you think I would be able to put a 4x PCI-e controller ( http://www.adaptec.com/en-us/support/raid/sataii/aar-1430sa/ ) in that slot and a PCI video card in one of the PCI slots?

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Some feedback, it did work.


I plugged in an old PCI VGA card, and plugged in the Adaptec 1430SA card in the PCI-e x16 slot.


I'm still waiting for my unRaid license to arrive so I can't test all the disks yet, but I plugged in a disk into each controller (onboard SouthBridge, onboard JMicron JMB363, Adaptec 1430SA)  and unRaid detected the disks and formatted them without any problems.


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