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[SOLVED AKA PEBCAC] More powerful User share control?

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I did some searching and didn't really find an answer to what I was looking for so I wanted to ask if this is possible.


I have a 5 disk array with a cache drive which has some addons installed to it on 4.7.


I set up user shares to set up a MOVIES and TV share because each share spans over a couple disks. The issue I ran into is that the user share control in unraid seems like its an "all or nothing" kind of deal, where you can either share every single folder in the root of a disk as user share (including the cache disk which seems weird), or none. The only way to remove shares is to empty the folder. Not really ideal when I just need two user shares and now I have 20+ haha.


Is this functionality maybe in the 5 betas? All I need is either the ability to delete/hide shares and keep the ones I want, or be able to pick and choose what shares I want to make. Is there an addon or something that does this. I wouldnt be using the mover script since I'm very OCD about what goes where on each disk, but I do want a consolidated location apps like xbmc can pull from and users who I don't want digging around in all my root disk shares.




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