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  1. I'm actually running into the exact same issue with the exact same setup (following Spaceinvaderone tutorial) - So I'm curiously watching this thread. Turned out to just be a dropped forwarded port on my router, we're back in business!
  2. Got everything back up and running, I have sonarr, radarr and nzbyhdra2 running inside this container, and I was able to quickly get nzbhydra back up and running but I ran into a wall with sonarr. I ended up fixing by mapping the port to the internal port vs the external port. For example for my SABNZBD installation, the port 8080 is mapped to 6700 externally, and while I previously connected sonarr and radarr via IP:6700, I not only had to change from IP -> localhost but also 6700 -> 8080. Not sure if its worth adding to the FAQ because my setup was weird/bad, but if anyone else runs into issues trying to connect sonarr and radarr, make sure not only is the internal IP set to localhost, but also the internal ports. Thanks again for everything @binhex! you the GOAT.
  3. Came here exactly to ask about what I broke, and you already called out what I need to do. Back in business!
  4. This fixed my issue as well, thanks a ton!
  5. I'm actually fighting with the same problem, I just set up wireguard and can access any container not under a binhex-VPN enabled container. There is a FAQ to address this here under Q2: My issue is that I did add that script to my go file and also enable it immediately with /sbin/modprobe iptable_mangle , but I still cant access the containers. Is there any way to debug and see if the connection attempt is happening and where it is failing?
  6. So you're using this docker successfully with mullvad+wireguard with good speed? (vs just working overall) I'm considering switching to them when my year sub to PIA expires in a couple months because of their buyout but the VPN provider I buy completely hinges on how well it performs with this app and the binhex-sabnzbdvpn app haha. Not concerned about SAB because that's less nuanced with port forwarding and all that, but if people are seeing good non-throttled speed with port forwarding working with mullvad I've love to hear about it. Edit: screw it, I'll probably just buy a month's worth since they bill monthly regardless of plan. Fingers crossed I can migrate easily without screwing it up too much. Thank you!
  7. Sweet, awesome to hear. I ended up just blocking ipv6 at the router modem level too just in case but lovely to hear that there's a 2 layer protection scheme in place in case my ISP supplied modem decides to "change its mind" with my settings during some firmware update or whatever. thanks again!
  8. I just recently upgraded from cable to fiber and noticed that the fiber modem issues out ipv6 addresses alongside ipv4. I read about how ipv6 can leak out your actual IP, and while PIA blocks it at the app level on windows, I'm curious on if this container with either openvpn or wireguard would do the same. Is there a way to test? Love the app, thank you!!
  9. For people having issues with PIA and port forwarding, try SPAIN, seems to work ok for me right now. For binhex, THANK YOU for maintaining such a good piece of kit. Throwing some beer money your way which should go extra far vs spending $8 on a pint since none of us can go to bars depending on where we live....
  10. Right on! This is actually the system I was using before heroku was banned by southwest: However it doesn't seem to have a docker hub entry. Before I go down the path of setting up the one I linked before, is it possible to deploy this git into a docker and use it instead without there being an existing docker file in the hub? Thanks again for your help, its very appreciated!
  11. Thank you very much! Apologies, this is all really new to me, would I be adding those in a string under "Extra Parameters?" or "Post Arguments?"
  12. I'm trying to get this app installed into a Docker: It has a dockerhub entry which I tried but it fails to boot in unraid, probably because the variables are not being properly set. Its a cool app, it monitors Southwest flight prices and lets you rebook to save some cash when the flight prices drop. Is there something I can do to add it to my server? I'm good enough to get containers going for my entertainment apps but something custom like this is beyond me. Thank you!
  13. Hello! I've run Unraid 6.1.9 for quite a while on older hardware. I wanted to downsize so I moved all my drives to an n40L server I had handy and pretty well known on the forums. Unfortunately I'm unable to get the LAN working, ifconfig eth0 reports nothing back. EDIT: I was able to solve by doing a bios reset, who knows what was kicking around in there. My diagnostics file is attached, the remaining issue is the only drives being detected are from my expansion card and the OD Sata cable, and not the 4 drive hot swappable ones. Would an IDE to AHCI mismatch cause that perhaps? EDIT: I'm a dumbass and didnt check for loose cables. All is well! Thank you!
  14. No worries thanks for the response. I ended up just taking a screwdriver to it and it gave in easily.
  15. Weird question. I just bought one of these used and it turns out that it didnt come with a key. It looks like all n36,40,54L servers have the same key, a W-23 from southco. If I paid for postage would someone perhaps be able to cut me a copy and mail it to me or send me their spare if they dont need it? I gotta mail the thing back if not and aye yi yi. Thanks!