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Is this Do-able


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Here's another method that would be more expensive but potentially easier to set up:


Run a client box at your home (Windows, Linux, Mac - whatever you prefer) that runs 24/7 (disable all sleep functions).  Map your unRAID server to it.  Create a VPN (or use a remote management tool, such as TeamViewer).  You should now be able to access everything on the server from afar, read and write.


This isn't as elegant of a solution as it requires another box to be running 24/7.  However, if you used something low power such as an Atom-based Zbox then the extra electricity cost wouldn't be too bad.

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If you are technically capable, it's doable to have virtualbox running on your unraid box with whatever operating system you want as a virtual guest. Then you can run a remote viewing client of your choice on the guest, allowing full access. I have Pardus 2011, Slackware 13.37, Ubuntu 10.04, Windows 7, and Windows XP guest OS's all running as virtualbox guests. I run the XP full time with a logmein free account, and can run another virtual client simultaneously.

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I would not allow direct access to an unraid box from the internet.

It is not a secure platform.


there are a few ways to do this.


1 is setting up a VPN at home and VPN in from uni.

2 is a 2 box method like Raj suggested.


I use both methods.. I tend to use #2 the most.

I have a WHS2011 server that i use for a secure log on portal. I then have my unraid visible as a share on my whs2011.

I can also remote desktop into any of my home pc's though the whs.


to save on power, i have my whs2011 and my main unraid on the same ESX box.


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