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Split Level 0 + High water - Will it span drives when out of space?

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Here is my layout and user shares.


Disk1/Movies/HD/FilmName/FilmName.avi + metadata

Disk1/Movies/SD/FilmName/FilmName.avi + metadata

Disk2/Movies/HD/FilmName/FilmName.avi + metadata





I plan on using split level 0 so that the movies stay in HD or SD, and so that the tv shows stay in theirs. My question is more for the TV shows, lets say I rip the first 10 seasons of a show to my TV share. It copies them over to disk3, and then after the move it hits the highwater cap and going forward new data goes to disk4. Now, if I add more seasons, will unraid know it needs to copy them to disk3 to keep the file structure intact, or will it copy to disk4 because it has the free space?

I'm guessing this would happen with MOST FREE and FILL UP allocation too.


Am I going about this the wrong way? My fear is if I use user shares and it starts filling as it pleases, if disk 3 toasted, I'd have seasons 1-10 of SHOW_X gone, and 11-20 on disk4. I'd rather have it all together so its easier to keep track of.


Would doing Split level 1 and then include disk3&4 under TV (and exclude others) make sure that even though the allocation method calls for data to be written to disk 4 (maybe disk4 has 2tb of free space and disk3 only has 500gb) , if I added new seasons to a show on disk3, it would get added to disk 3? or would the system decide to create new seasons on 4?


My eyes bleed when I reread my post, but hopefully this makes sense. let me know if it doesn't!



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another option is to use disk shares. that way you can directly put the files on the disk in the folder you want too.

it surpases allocation methods and also make a cache drive useless since you are directly copying to the target disk.


proper use if splitlevel o should work too but i have not tried to figure that out yet, so can't help you there


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This is what I would do:


Share name: Movies

Allocation method: Most-free

Split level:    2


Here allocation method doesn't matter too much because you don't need to keep adding to a FilmName directory.


Share name: TV

Allocation method: Most-free

Split level:    1


Here the allocation method matters because if you try to write a new episode to a show that is on disk3 and there is no space left on disk3 then the write will fail. I use Most-free on my TV share and then watch the disk shares for free space, if I start running out of free space, I will manually move an entire show to another disk.



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