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Seagate SV35 2TB 64MB Cache. $96.


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This is an Enterprise level drive specifically designed to run 24/7 and take a beating. The MTBF is over 1,000,000 hours. The SV35 drives are work horses and if I had the money I would build a new server with all these drives installed. Yea, $96 isn't the best price but for a 5 year warranty and a low failure rate is pretty good maybe for a parity drive? I have one hooked up to my cable box as supplement space for my DVR and it has been running for several years 24/7. Maybe they will go on sale!



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It might be a good candidate for parity or cache drive if all the other drives were in a similar class of service.

I.E. 5900 rpm.


The extra cache could help offset the spindle speed and read/rewrite of parity blocks.


I would only spend this much on a data drive if it was my picture or music file storage drive.

I.E. A drive with allot of little files.

However I think a 7200RPM works best with a filesystem with many small files, this is a good candidate when you have 2TB of music on one filesystem.


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