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Hey all just wanted to share my results upgrading from a Sempron LE-1620 on a Biostar A760 M2+ to the new AMD E350 platform:


Everything seems to be working great on the new setup:

ASUS E35M1-M PRO (1002 BIOS)

4GB DDR3 1333


unRaid 5.0-beta12a

some old 10/100 d-link nic

6 HDD (Samsung and Hitachi 1.5TB drives)


I had bought an Intel 1000/PRO GT nic because I had heard the on-board Realtek does not work w/ unRaid.  Well it turns out that the Intel nic does not work well on this board either.  I was getting horrible transfer rates (< 10 kbps).  To test, I swapped out the intel card with an old 10/100 d-link card and that seemed to resolve the problem.  Now I just need to find a gigabit nic to replace the temporary d-link. :)

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