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Very Slow Transfer Speed

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I'm using a Asus mother M4A78L-M and have for a little less than a year now.  I've had good luck with this board as it was an upgrade from a board that did not have gigabit Ethernet.  After installing the Asus mb I was up and running no problems until I updated to unRaid version: 5.0-beta12a.  Now when I transfer to and from unRaid I get from 600kbs to 1.2MBs at best.  All switches are gigabit and I've transferred files +/- 4 gigs to another PC with speeds excess of 40MBs. I'm running windows 7 on all the PC's.  Like I said before I was able to transfer with high speed before the upgrade just not since.  I've formatted and started over several times in case I did something wrong during the build without change.  Please look at my attached syslog and see if there is something I can do to get my speed back up again.




Thank you




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That board has one of the Realtek nics a lot of us are fighting with, esp the beta's. Best bet, get an add-on GB nic until this is sorted out. Problem isn't unraid, but the driver include with the distro... Limetech has been trying a few different things to resolve, some versions better then others.

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