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Unraid GUI won't load - trying from a laptop & the PW not recognized

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I just installed a fresh copy of Unraid on a new USB drive. I can load unraid on the command line, but choosing the gui option never works, it just leaves me with an eternal blinking cursor. while the cursor is blinking, I can access the web gui on my laptop. This brings me to the next issue -  entering the username and pw don't work. When I enter them, the login screen just refreshes. I have already deleted the various files that are password related - the login screen asks me to set a pw, I do, then it brings me to login, I put in the credentials, and I'm back to square one (a refreshed login screen). Curve ball? When loading u nraid on the command line (no gui), I can login with my credentials just fine. I've run "diagnostics" and attached the zip file.


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@JorgeB I was previously accessing the UI with Brave from my laptop and it was working, but not now. Just tried Chrome (:-\) and it works, so thank you for that. Any reason why the GUI doesn't show up on the server itself? I have a monitor, mouse, and keyboard hooked up to it but it's an eternal blinker.

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