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Highly unstable server, nothing is accessible

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Since a few hours, my unraid server has become highly unstable. the shares become inaccessible a few minutes into booting. (tried re-booting a couple of times). none of the docker containers are accessible. If i try to open any of the settings options, the GUI freezes.  i've tried booting into safe mode but the problem persists. the disks show healthy but the `/mnt/user/` folder is inaccessible. also the parity check which begins with the array start but runs at very low speeds (20MB/s). and once the array has started it's impossible to stop it again.


these are only the problems i've noticed. i've attached the most recent diagnostics file that i was able to download within a few seconds of startup for more info.


with almost all my life's data on the server it'll be a huge blow if anything happens to it. any help is greatly appreciated.


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thanks for the reply! hmm... that is strange.

anyway... i have nailed down the issue to be rooted in docker... as long as docker is disabled... everything is fine and normal! but as soon as docker starts - everything goes haywire...the parity check freezes... smb becomes inaccessible etc.


apologies for posting the wrong diagnostics file, posting the correct one with this. also posting the syslog post docker start.


syslog syslog-previous

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updated syslog
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When it comes to the dockers... disable the auto start for the dockers... Enable docker... and one by one turn a single docker on, wait and test it out, should everything look fine, repeat


it's also not a good idea to do this while a parity check is running due to high disk IO

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