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  1. I an not an expert... but when your preclear states that it failed on 2.1 tb of data... and this is a 8tb drive... kinda makes me wonder... are you 100% sure you cleared the correct drive? else... I would return the drive... no reason to keep/troubleshoot a drive that is acting funny from the start...
  2. Hello all... Came across this HDD that seems to be a good deal... But I have never shopped at this site before... Seems to be a good price and it's an SATA drive... seems like it would work with unraid... but maybe im missing something... Do any of you have thoughts on the HDD?
  3. Hello everyone, I was just wondering if any of you are still able to update your docker apps. When I check for updates I get 'Not available' that is the result for all 8 dockers I have. Thanks, mathomas3
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    with this new HDD heavy blockchain coming online it seems like a bad time to buy any hdd while im currently on 8tbs.... im about to fill out my current array... I will need to use my only spare HDD to extend the array... hope that i dont have a failure/fill the array till the prices come back to normal...
  5. Hello I have been resisting posting about this issue... in short Plex will be in the middle of playing a video and then become unresponsive for about 60 seconds... my current setup... plex official docker UnRaid 6.8.3 16gb Ram 8 core AMD CPU 384gb Plex DB on 512 SSD inside of Array 11 Disk Raid 48.9tb used of 66.5tb total size Eero 2019 Mesh Network The unresponsiveness happens randomly it seems... I dont think it's my network setup being bogged down due to one stream pausing while the other continues to function but also using that logic the plex server wouldnt also be at issue because one viewer is still streaming... could this be an HDD I/O bandwidth issue? im scraching my head into where the possible issue might be... or really where to start... I will be wiring my Mesh Routers together in an attempt to rule out the network side of it... anything that you could suggest to narrow down the issue would be of great help.
  6. ATi... Preclearing is hard on drives... and given the age of these drives... that might be right that they are failing... I doubt that these drives have had to do anything this hard for a while...
  7. Ended up finding out what the issue was... this video explains it all... but in short... these sas drives are designed in a way that when they are receiving power on the 3rd pin the drive understands this as power off... that's why unraid was never able to see the drive... and the drives never spun up like I thought that they were... I just used a small bit of tape to cover that pin(very small bit of tape) and the drives came up... these drives are HGST HUH728080AL4200 3.5" 8TB SAS 12Gb/s 7.2K RPM 128M 0F23651 4Kn ISE Enterprise Hard Drive also using the following adapter cable Mini SAS Cable with SATA Power, CableCreation Internal Mini SAS 36 Pin to 4 x 29 Pin Cord with SATA Power, SFF-8087 to SFF-8482 Cable, 3.3 FT
  8. Welp... Just got in the new cables... And those drives are not showing up... So i am lost as to what my next step should be... 2 dead drives new out of the box???
  9. Something like this? BTW thanks for the help... Dealing with sad is a little out of my wheelhouse... Have a feeling that some of my questions must seem very basic to you
  10. im 90% sure that they are spinning up... (not a strong feel that I get from my other drives but still a vibration of it starting) In this Diag... I connected them to a known good serial cable that's also connected to the two 5tb drives... If I can make any sense of the logs... I would expect the drive to be sd 11:0:9:0 I guess the next thing to try is to pull the drives and test them in a different box?
  11. Reran the Diags after checking physical connections. I can feel the drives spinning up... They are connected to the LSI controller on their own serial connection
  12. at the time of the diag report... the SAS drives were connected the the LSI... which would suggest that perhaps I have a connectivity issue... I will recheck the physical connections... on a side note... I am using the following adapters for the drives... chenyang CY SATA Hard Disk Drive Raid Adapter with 15 Pin Power Port 7 Pin + 15 Pin to SFF-8482 SAS 22 Pin Converter
  13. Diags are attached
  14. Hello... I have a little issue that I have... Currently I have 9 SATA drives and 3 SSD SATA drives using LSI SAS2116... I would like to add SAS drives... Problem is that they are not coming up in unraid... I have tried... 2 sas 2 sata on the same serial cable 2 sas on it's own serial cable 2 sas on a completely separate sas controller 3ware 9650SE SATA-II RAID PCIe (rev 01) (untested in unraid) I have not gone into the setting for the controllers as of yet... so my questions are... Is there a setting that I need to change in the controllers to enable SAS drives? can you mix and match SAS SATA on the same contoller?