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I need help and I don't know how to ask for it

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I built a computer to use as my home server (for running apps, storage, home media, etc.). Initially, I used TrueNAS, but after a while, I found it unsatisfactory as it wasn't intuitive enough for me. Subsequently, I discovered unRAID, which seemed like a better solution for my needs. I even decided to purchase it.


However, what's driving me crazy is that ever since I bought the license, my server has started crashing every couple of weeks. The only solution is to forcefully power off my server manually because I can't access the UI or SSH. I'm at a loss regarding what's causing this or how to collect information to seek help on this forum. I'd like to continue using unRAID in the future, but I need a reliable server. I was planning to move my Home Assistant to this server, but it's not feasible if it keeps crashing randomly.


Could anyone please assist me? I need some guidance on how to gather information from my server so that I can request help here with the necessary details, making it easier for anyone willing to assist.


Thank you in advance!

Best regards,


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Here's the diagnostic.


A small update on things I've done before generating the diagnostics but after I posted the original message:


  • I've installed the Fix Common Problems plugin.
  • It detected a couple of things, the major one being changing my Docker network from macvlan to ipvlan, which I did.
  • It also suggested installing RTL8125(B) PCI Drivers, which I have done.
  • I've updated my Unraid version from 6.12.4 to 6.12.6.


When I was addressing the issues suggested by the plugin, I realized that every time I couldn't access my server, I just forced a power-off, but never checked if I could access it directly (by connecting a monitor and keyboard). Maybe the issue was not with the server OS itself but rather a network problem?


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