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Mover wildcard for pools

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very often, the "fix common problems" plugin tels me I have data on a pool that's not supposed to be there. and therefor, it won't end on the array or the right pool.


what I would like is, in the share settings, to be able to set the primary storage as a wildcard, meaning, where ever the file is, it will end up on secondary storage at next move.

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sometimes, shares are on different pools. when copying data, files could be written on wrong pool (because it's just a share anyways). so wildcard would be great.

Best exemple a data share with a pool and a backup share with it's own pool...


All I would need is that mover put's the file where I ask him to no matter where it was.

I'll have a look at the discussion.


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8 hours ago, Nexius2 said:

when copying data, files could be written on wrong pool

Do you mean moving instead of copying? If you try to move from a share on one pool to a share on another pool, it is possible for Linux to just 'repath' the files to the same pool they were on. See the Caution in the Overview section of the Documentation on User Shares:



Dynamix File Manager will avoid this problem because it always does move as copy to destination then delete from source.


On the other hand, if you really mean copy to a share, and you think it has written files during that copy, to a pool other than the designated pool, then you are mistaken. It only writes to Primary.


If it is replacing files in the share that already exist on some disk or pool, then the file is replaced where it already exists.

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