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  1. I noticed today everything is ok (8To HDD are not spinning anymore), parity continues to work normaly. it seems to be a bug with the display in the array operation.
  2. yes, disk20 was formated and data is written to it. If I decide to re use disk19, it will be as a new hdd anyways. I'd guess rebuild is as usal, stop server, plug hdd, with array stop replace hdd and restart array.... it should do it's thing
  3. thanks, I'll let it do it's thing until I receive the new HDD and will stop it then to replace HDD and check connections.
  4. nothing has changed since last night
  5. every time I had this, it was written emulated but not this time.... but it seems to be.
  6. so, I added disk20 a couple days ago. no hot plug so I stoppd the server to add it. array was fine nothing to notice after array growth. and 1 or 2 days after the parity check started (it stops at 18h and starts back at midnight). during the check it seems to have found errors on disk 19. since then, parity check has stopped, but I can see data move between all the HDD as if it was still going on. I just notice sdac has appeared (thanks to you) don't know if it's good, it will be changed anyways. maybe some power plug has moved while adding disk20.... but nothing realy explains why parity is stuck at 19.8%
  7. Hello, a parity check started Monday morning and it detected a HDD failure. no problem, I have 2 parity drives and I ordered a new HDD for replacement. but I have noticed the parity check stays at 19.8% since last night. since I'll have to stop the array to replace the HDD is it something normal? will it end eventually or no chances? thanks
  8. latest version of unraid and cleared cach (new computer) didn't change anything. I'll stay on old version until correction thanks
  9. I'm thinking of adding a GPU in my server, can this plugin work with 2 GPU's? (intel CPU and NVIDIA card) thanks
  10. same thing for me, updated and not working 😕 version 2.7.2-4-01 works
  11. solved.... made the same test on another serveur and updated at same time, same issue. data seem to be written fills up and... deleted, but warning appears during issue. a reboot and no more message
  12. Hello, I updated one of my servers last night from 6.11.2. didn't have issue before, no changes done recently and this morning I have "Invalid folder Backups contained within /mnt" ( i posted in "[Plugin] CA Fix Common Problems" but I realize i might have some reel issue) and "Rootfs file is getting full (currently 83 % used)" error messages. all i can find about this is from RAM being full, but I have 48Gib and only using 28%. i'm guessing I have a reel issue because when I try to move a file (10gb) from a share to another (both on the same cache drive) it takes a couple secondes, just like it would between 2 drives. yesterday, it was instantly done. I have a script that mounts to another server and rsync data every night. the receiving server whas off tonight, so maybe it could have tried to copie data in /mnt/backups but I can't find anything there. any idea?