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Periodic CPU spikes when array is spun up - Unraid 6.12.6

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I'm experiencing some strange periodic CPU spikes every 13-15 seconds and I'm struggling to figure out what is causing it. Using top/htop doesn't reveal any processes using any significant amount of CPU (or perhaps I'm just not clever enough to read it).


With all dockers and VMs shut down, spikes are still happening. In order to stop the spikes I need to fully stop the array, so I assume that it is caused by one of the tools or plugins performing some action on a schedule. Spinning up the array reintroduces the spikes.


Any tips on diagnosing the culprit are very welcome.




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It could be the Cache Dirs plugin which would keep issuing 'find' commands to try and keep directory entries in RAM.    It is a good idea to configure that plugin to only scan folders that need it as it does not work very well if there are too many files/folders in the ones it is scanning.

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Looks like you were right on the money with that suggestion 👏

Temporarily disabling the Cache Dirs plugin just about eliminated the spikes.


I will look into tweaking it to avoid such spikes going forward. Thank you so much!



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